Bullied On School Bus

Its all over the news again.  Horrific stories of children being mercilessly bullied, sometimes to the breaking point.

Recently, an Orlando man, outraged by the bullying abuse of his 12 year old disabled daughter (being smacked, spit on, being pelted with open condoms), stormed on her bus and verbally vented some of his fury at her tormentors. You can watch the video here:

Predictably, he was the one arrested, and school administrators are doing the denial dance, saying they had no idea there was a problem.

James Jones, the father of the bullied girl, has apologized for losing his temper and retained an attorney.  His family now faces financial destruction as a result of the legal battle he now faces.

In my opinion, apologizing was a HUGE mistake.  His daughter (and now his entire family) are the victims here.  I believe he acted in a way consistent with what any parent would do when their child faces a serious and imminent threat.  But he was probably acting on the advice of council who told him that the legal system is sometimes more lenient on people who supplicate themselves.

The school administrators aren’t losing any sleep- after all, they’ve got the “ignorant and blameless” defense in full force, and they can show that their school has a “tough anti-bullying policy” in place.  For all the good it does.  Which is no good at all.

The bullies are yucking it up, and still doing their thing.  I’m sure the bus is still looks like a kennel of dogs on crack. No consequences there, either.


Here’s a clip from the Jones family appearing on the Today Show.  Heartbreaking, pretty much as you’d expect.  But pay special attention to Mat Laurer’s comment at 4:32


“… we’d all like to wrap our kids in a protective bubble… but isn’t there a time when we have to let them fend for themselves?”


Are you suggesting a 12 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy “fend for herself” against a pack of vicious thugs?  Seriously?

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2 Comments on “Bullied On School Bus”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Thank you.

    Thank you for supporting this dad.

    The situation on that bus, based on what the dad said in the interview (see Today Show link) was utterly ridiculous. Obviously that school, that bus – has some major problems with behavior and respect. Even toward the end of the video clip on this site, students were laughing and sounding derisive toward that dad.

    The sad fact of the matter is, everything has to be documented. Every. Single. Episode. Every single comment, look, action, inaction – it all has to be documented. Phone calls, visits, emails, letters to administration/staff/etc. – it all has to be done so you, the parent, can say, “I notified the school.” Otherwise, the school doesn’t care if the child has been tormented all year – if you save it up and then let loose all at once, the school doesn’t care. They can play the “We didn’t know” game.

    There may have been some students on the bus who were truly afraid of the dad, and who were not involved in the bullying of his daughter. I think dad does feel badly that he said things that were “out of character” for him. I’m betting the kids who were not involved in the bullying understand that dad wasn’t directing the anger toward them – kids are savvy, that way.

    I hope the judge decides to let dad off with that slap on the hand and lay down some law for the low-life rotten punks who would pick on a handicapped girl (let alone anyone else).

  2. Adam Says:

    Thank you for joining the discussion, Kathy.

    If anyone saw the clip of the Today Show, and could feel even a sliver of this girl’s shame and embarrassment… if they could register and empathize with a fraction of her parents anger, then might begin to understand why James Jones did what he did.

    Mr. Jones and his family deserve apologies from the low-life punk bullies, from the bus driver, the school administrators, and the police.

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