Bullies Tattoo Boy With Learning Disabilities

From The Smoking Gun:

MAY 20–A 14-year-old New Hampshire boy was tattooed against his will by a group of fellow high school students who told the victim that they would no longer pick on him if he agreed to the inking. According to an arrest warrant affidavit, on May 10 the teenager was enticed to a Concord home, where the words “Poop Dick” and a drawing of a penis were tattooed across his buttocks. The boy told investigators that one of his assailants warned that “he was going to get the tattoo whether he liked it or not,” and that “he would not be picked on anymore if he got it done.” When the boy asked what would happen if he tried to flee, he was told that he would be caught and beaten up, police reported. The victim, a ninth grader at Concord High School, suffers from “learning disabilities and self-esteem issues” and has been “frequently targeted for ridicule by upper classmen,” investigators noted. A probe of the bullying incident led to the seizure of the tattoo equipment used on the boy, and the bust of four of the victim’s assailants, who have been charged with a variety of crimes, including assault, endangering the welfare of a minor, criminal threatening, and tattooing without a license. As seen in the mug shots below, police have arrested (clockwise from upper left) Donald Wyman, 20; Ryan Fisk, 19; Travis Johnston, 18; and Blake VanNest, 18.

Additionally, its been reported that:

The mother of one of the suspects says the boys acted stupidly, but not maliciously.

“They told me about it. They were joking about it. They thought it was something funny. And I believe there wasn’t an animosity or hatred,” said Patti VanNes.

* Imagine how much premeditated planning went into this attack.  Think about they held him hostage.  Consider how long it must have taken to drive the ink into this kid, as he was crying and trying to get away.  How they must have laughed as they were disfiguring him… and how proud they were! They actually took pictures and shared them with friends!

These young men have dishonored themselves and grievously  injured another human being “for fun”. They’ve shamed their families and friends. They will stand trial.  The legal costs will wipe out their family savings.  And if they’re found guilty (and there doesn’t seem to be much doubt about it), they need to go to prison where they belong.

This isn’t just bullying.  It’s sadism.

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2 Comments on “Bullies Tattoo Boy With Learning Disabilities”

  1. Adam Says:

    Unfortunately they haven’t shamed their families. I suspect their families are all just like Patti VanNes. She has the unmitigated GALL to make excuses for these disgusting humanoids!? What sort of parents produce such offspring? I think we all know the answer.

  2. Kathy Says:

    Seriously? They weren’t acting maliciously? Sounds like mom needs her head examined. I’m glad to see, too, that the Smoking Gun article didn’t refer to the 18 yr olds as “boys.” It just slays me when papers do that – if the crime isn’t sexual or homicide, 18 yr olds are called “boys.” If it is of a very serious nature, the 18 yr olds are referred to as “men.”

    It’s not nice to say, but it sounds like the 4 of them will end up in prison. Maybe their new boyfriends there will tattoo their heinies for them. Wonder how they’ll like that.

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