The Secret Weapon For Overcoming Bullies *Part III*

The Nuts and Bolts of Mindfulness Meditation

  • Environment– A quiet place where there wont be any interruptions or disturbances (turn the telephone off).
  • Position and Posture– Kneeling. (In the Japanese Zen tradition, this is called seiza). Tops of the feet and shins are flat on the floor, and buttocks rests on the heels. Back straight, head up.  Hands can rest on the thighs or be folded in the lap.
  • Breathing. Through the nose.  Slowly and rhythmically, from the lower abdomen- not the chest or shoulders.
  • Progressive Relaxation. Starting from the top of the head and working down, release any unnecessary tension.
  • Focus.
    • Some people count their breaths. In is ‘one’ out is ‘two’. At ‘ten’, reverse the cycle and start counting backwards.
    • Some people visually focus on a point in space.
    • Some focus on nothing in particular, but try to keep their mind tranquil.
  • Attention.
    • Tune into your physical body. Balance and posture.  Breathing.  Heart rate. Temperature. Every internal sensation and every feeling on the surface of your skin. Experience all of them and do nothing.
    • Tune into your emotions. Don’t judge, just observe.
    • Tune into your thoughts. As they arise, imagine they’re like bubbles and watch them float away.
    • Tune into your environment. Notice the minute details, the faintest sounds and smells.

Do Not:

  • Fidget. Don’t adjust, don’t stretch, don’t scratch, don’t look around.
  • Wander. This is not the time to think about the future or the past. This is the time to think about here and now.
  • Obsess. Instead, practice letting go. Just release.

Just sit. Be still.

“Okay.  Eyes Open”
At the conclusion of your session, smile and take a deep cleansing breath. Exhale slowly and fully.  Say, “I feel fantastic”.     Take your time standing up.
For a lot of kids, a few moments of silent, still introspection are amazing.

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