Teaching Meditation To Children – Everything You Need To Know & A Lot More *Part I*

Mindfulness Meditation

In order to successfully deal with bullies, your child is going to need some effective strategies. Some of the most powerful weapons in your child’s anti-bullying arsenal can be developed through… meditation.

Meditation refers to a wide range of systems, techniques and traditions.  Meditating relaxes the body, calms the mind, brings clarity, aids creativity, promotes mindfulness, improves health and brings joy.  Which is all very impressive – But can “contemplating your belly-button” really help a kid who’s being picked on, ostracized or beat up?

Absolutely. In addition to the benefits listed above, children who meditate also develop two essential traits: self-control and acceptance. While these two characteristics seem to be on opposite ends of the strength scale, both are critical to overcome bullying (and immeasurable useful in riding out all life’s storms).
There’s an incredible sense of mastery that comes with being able to stay centered, consciously recognize and control your emotions, focus your thoughts and choose your actions. This is self-control.  Acceptance is being able to experience reality without resistance or complaint; understanding that some things are unchallengeable or inevitable and allowing them to be so.  Combine the two- magic happens.

My first wave of students are adults  now.  (And so is the second wave!  Aaarrgghhh!!!  I’m getting old!!!) Many of them have told me that the most valuable lessons they picked up didn’t have to do with devastating strikes or high-amplitude throws or sophisticated joint locks.  They were about what they discovered within themselves because I’d taught them how to meditate.

Part II will cover the different kinds of meditation, choosing the right method, and how to present it to your child.

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