South Jersey Jihad

It seems as if the Garwood family of New Jersey is going through some problems.  Tariq, age 12, is being teased and roughed up at school. They have retained an attorney to represent them against the local school board.

In response, the city of  Camden has approved a beefier anti-bullying policy and has mandated that school staff undergo additional training in prevention and reporting.  Everyone seems to be running around, installing new systems and procedures to address the problem and making special accommodations. All of the committee members seem exhausted from all the self-congratulatory back slapping.

No child should endure psychological torment or physical abuse.  That’s a given.

It’s also noted in the story that Tariq and his family are devout Muslims.They abide by strict codes that regulate every aspect of their lives, including wearing traditional Islamic clothing.  They stand out.

America- The Melting Pot. E  Plurbis Unim – “Out of Many, One”.

You know.  Just sayin’…

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5 Comments on “South Jersey Jihad”

  1. pbk2010 Says:

    Are you suggesting that these people, because they observe Muslim custom, are inviting agression and bullying? Were you ‘just sayin’ that they should forgo their Muslim customs because they are Anti-American?

    • Adam Says:

      I want to thank you for visiting my blog and for participating in the discussion. Please allow me to clarify:
      * As stated in the post, no one wants to see a kid being ostracized and abused by his or her peers. We’re talking about a 12 year old boy!
      * It would be disingenuous to ignore the fact that he does stand out in many ways that are unacceptable to his classmates. (You’d expect the same response if he came to school wearing a kilt).
      * This goes beyond attire- this boy must be excused from class to pray, is provided specially prepared meals at lunch, refuses to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, etc… so you can in some way understand why his peers are resentful.
      * It should also be noted that in America, we have the privilege of observing the religion of our choice and dressing however we want. In an Islamic country, people have no such rights.
      * Should Muslims forgo anti-American customs? uh… YES!
      * If you are unclear on what it means to be Muslim, check out – and get the facts directly from Muhammad
      * While I’m at it….Personally, I find the hajib (the head scarf worn by Islamic women) to be a disgusting symbol of female subjugation. It’s misogynistic, repressive, primitive and has no place in a free society.

      In the original news story, I see a family that has intentionally isolated themselves from their community. I see government employees falling all over themselves to say the politically correct things and generate paperwork. And sadly, I see a little boy caught in the middle, who will continue to be abused.

  2. pbk2010 Says:

    It is unfortunate that your experience in cultural sensitivity is limited. It is the exact reason children would harrass other children because parents are so Eurocentric/Ethnocentric as to believe that their culture is “right”.
    It is especially disconcerting because it seems that you are trained in the Eastern practice of martial arts.
    The world is becoming increasingly global, we will not continue to live in our bubble here in the United States, and we must encourage our children to understand that acceptance.
    As for the Muslim religion, I have studied quite a bit about Islam and have read the History of Islam by respected religious scholar (she writes about many religions) Karen Armstrong.

    In addtion, the hijab is not requested in the Q’uran, but many cultures have adapted it. There are many other cutoms for women’s dress including the khimar, the burqa and the niqab. Many women CHOOSE to wear a hijab.
    Sharia law in some countries, forces women to wear it and that is a sad state of affairs. Women here are not generally forced and there are laws protecting women here.

    Out of curiousity, does a child who eats to much isolate himself/herself. Is it their fault? What if they were openly gay? Do they isolate themselves?

    No child or family, deserves to be harrassed or bullied due to their appearance or cultural practices. There are many practices that people in this country share that I find disturbing, and these people were born here, but it is their choice and the beauty of our country is that they are allowed to do them.

  3. Adam Says:

    Its obvious that your intellect is matched by your compassion. You and I don’t have to agree on everything. That’s OK.

    Many of my views are controversial. Some might find them outrageous or offensive. But everything I espouse can be backed by empirical data or significant personal experience. My integrity is everything- I’ve got to speak the truth from my heart.

    I’ll address some of your points and questions, and then we can move forward to something else. Fair enough?

    * American culture is not “right” but in America, it is the standard. Same goes for Europe. And Polynesia. A nation can not survive fictionalization.

    * I’ve traveled extensively, and when I’m in another country, I always respect the customs of my host. I would NEVER disrespect them while on their soil.

    * As an atheist, I pretty much file all religious faiths the same way. But Islam is the only major world religion with the central pillar of jihad (violent struggle, holy war). Yes, I’ve got a huge problem with that.

    * Do children who over-eat isolate themselves? It depends. They are definitely damaging themselves. Aside from a small percentage of medical cases, everyone has complete control of their weight. I’m not judging, merely stating the facts.

    Let’s get our focus back. This blog is about social cruelty and bullying, and most importantly, how to stop it.

  4. pbk2010 Says:

    You are again correct, we do not have to agree on everything. That is the beauty of the world. I respect your opinion, I was just looking for clarification.

    And our focus should be about bullying and I believe interpersonal relationships, and cultural differences are part of the contributing factor.

    That aside, one last thing, the true definition of jihad is not violent, holy war. That is a misperception perpetuated by the mainstream media not fact.

    I hope that you have a fantastic day and continue your work, it is important.

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