As my sainted grandmother used to ask, “What makes you such a maven?”  She always used to stump me with that one- but now I actually do have a pretty good answer.

Becoming a “Sensei” isn’t something I set out to do.  I just loved training. As my skills developed, others pointed out that I had a natural talent  for teaching, so I sought do develop proficiency at that as well.  Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of sharing my knowledge with hundreds and hundreds of men, women and children.

Becoming the leading anti-bully authority wasn’t something I’d planned on, either.

Yes, I’d worked with scores of kids, teaching a personal blend of psychology, social aptitude, and hard core combat skills, centered around a philosophical matrix  of virtue ethics.

But over the years, I grew increasingly troubled by the growing number of tragic news stories about bullying and its effects. As I watched reports about shooting rampages in schools, kids posting ‘beat down’ videos online, and children actually killing themselves to escape their pain and humiliation, I asked myself, “how can I help?”

Answering this question started me on an amazing journey.  I devoured everything I could on the subject – books, journals, articles, scientific reports,  historical accounts, case studies, interviews and ‘expert’ advice.  I evaluated the information, sorting the relevant and useful from the theoretical and ineffective (there’s a lot of BAD information circulating).
Then I re-examined my personal assumptions and beliefs about bullying / social cruelty. I  tightend the core of my system and expanded other areas, integrating what I’d learned with what I knew to be true.  The I set out to do what no one else has- I organized the material and created an interactive learn-at-home program guaranteed to get results.

It’s my hope that this forum will become a community where individuals and families dealing with this problem can come together, connect, forge friendships and find relief.

The Total Bully Solution is a program I’m very proud of.  And I’m ecstatic about the positive reviews its already getting from families who’ve gotten fantastic results.  Thank you for sharing your stories of triumph. You are the reason I started this journey.


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